January 9, 2020, 9am Eastern on Warrior Plus
Earn up to $33 per customer
$600 in cash prizes
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Your list will love this!
 Drive traffic with social engagement
 Cloud based, access anywhere
 Creates dozens of social quotes in seconds
 No list, website, or special skills needed
 Use our quotes or upload your own
 Great for branding
 Perfect for beginners


Social quotes are everywhere.
Not a day goes by where you don't see them in your social feeds.

As cool as they look, they take work to create.
Unless you have a product that creates them for you!

Introducing Instant Social Quotes

Proprietary software that produces social quotes in seconds.

Social quotes are in demand! Ready to make some money?

Let's go!

Fantastic for:
   Getting traffic to your offer or website
   Sending people to a squeeze page to build a list (giveaway a pack of social quote graphics)
   Increase social engagement (build a tribe)
   Sell as your own (PLR)
The Power Of Software
Creating Social Graphic Quotes
Uploading Your Own Quotes:

Branding Your Social Quote Graphics:
Using Your Own Images:

Product Levels

Earn 50% commission

My last launch, had a 3 step funnel allowing up to $131 in sales per customer, yet the average sale was around $37.
This got me thinking of a better way to help you earn more, and get more sales by having everything seen up front.
As such, there is no funnel, just a choice of level.
This is perfect as it will drive up the average sale into the $67+ range.
That's more commission for you, more earnings for me,
and more people buying the product.

By showing the three prices, nearly all will at least go for the $67 level. Many will take the $97 level so they can use their own graphics and use other pro level features

$37 Lite
The Lite level allows limited use of the system. 1000 social quote graphic generations are allowed per month. Only the system suppled pictures and quotes are used. No uploading custom quotes. No branding. Personal use only (posting on social media, putting on their own website, etc.)

$67 Full
The full level allows unlimited social quote graphic generations. Custom quotes can be entered and uploaded. Branding is an available feature. PLR is applied to output of members at the full level. They can repackage and sell as their own product.
$97 Professional
The professional level allows people to upload, use, and delete their own graphics. Further, each graphic can be set to be included or excluded from the social quote graphics generation. This gives complete control of which graphics to use. With the power of custom graphics and custom quotes, people have full control of what the sytem generates. Essentially the system becomes a generator of their own content.


1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100
4th Place: $50

Based on Total Revenue - No minimums!

Special first day 24 hour speed contest, most revenue: $50.
Special last day 24 hour speed contest, most revenue: $50.
JV Info

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Launch runs January 9, 2020 9am Eastern though January 13, 2020, 8pm Eastern

1. Teams of 2 allowed, but must inform me prior to the launch date.
2. You must NOT create or run "negative" video, PPC, iframe or other promotion types that use a phrase such as "Instant Social Quotes scam."
3. Affiliates will be paid through the Warrior Plus Wallet.
4. You must NOT use the name Instant Social Quotes to create a website, Facebook pages, or any other marketing methods that make it seem like you own the product name.
5. No cash incentives! You cannot entice people to buy though your affiliate link by offering them any type of cash reimbursement.
6. These terms can change at anytime without notice.

Selling points / angles
  • Social graphics are immediate attention grabbers
  • Works in any niche
  • Add your own branding
  • Make dozens in a single mouse click
  • Use the supplied quotes or upload your own
  • Use them to drive traffic and build your list
  • There is no software like this anywhere